What Is Child Sacrifice?

What is child sacrifice and why should we worry about ending it?

Child Sacrifice: “The act of mutilation or murder of a child by a witch-doctor or their accomplices in order to use the child’s blood, organs, and/or limbs mixed with herbs and other elements in a ritual witchcraft ceremony.”

Every day in Uganda, children disappear from their homes and villages.  Every day, families bury their babies or go to sleep not knowing if they will see them again.  Child sacrifice is a misguided practice which is taking innocent children and subjecting them to horrors that no child should ever experience.  They are taken by witchdoctors and tortured, mutilated, and often murdered so that their “pure” blood and organs can be harvested for ritual sacrifices performed to appease god and spirits which will supposedly provide wealth, healing, and other benefits.  Every day, children are being tortured and murdered for someone else’s gain, and the ones who survive are left with unthinkable trauma for the rest of their lives.
Alexus Rinn, another volunteer I have had the privilege of working with in Uganda, has written a very compelling piece on child sacrifices and the victims we have been able to work with: 

“Child Sacrifice Is Real”

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009.  They are based in Kampala, Uganda and are working to provide free education, basic needs such as food, clothing and medical care for children ages 3 to 10.  They host teams of volunteers on a regular basis and also have a child sponsorship program which is taking off.

KCM most recently launched a campaign to end child sacrifice in Uganda and has become a well known advocate for this cause.  Through their efforts and campaigning, KCM has gone above and beyond to take care of children who survive child sacrifice and help them rehabilitate and recover both emotionally and physically after this trauma event.  They are also taking action to bring these cases to light and bring justice to these victims by introducing new legislation on child sacrifice so that the witch doctors and accomplices will be properly convicted.  The staff and volunteers of KCM are dedicated to seeing these dark issues brought to light and awareness raised all around the world so that these innocent children and their families will see justice and no child will ever have to worry about facing these unthinkable tragedies themselves.  No child should ever have to worry about being kidnapped and sacrificed, and no family should ever have to bury their children because of this epidemic.

Through their website and Facebook page you can read more about KCM’s endeavors to stop this tragedy as well as the stories of the children that have been rescued and are currently being cared for.  You can also sign their petition to END child sacrifice once and for all.
This horrible practice has even caught the attention of the BBC, leading to their story on Allan, one of the children who has been a victim of child sacrifice and survived.

To read more about the organization, their efforts and projects, how you can get involved, and to SIGN THE PETITION TO END CHILD SACRIFICE, see the KCM website and Facebook page: 



If you are interested in checking out the BBC footage on Allan and child sacrifice, simply follow the links below: 

(This article includes a five minute video featuring Allan)


And their 20 minute documentary on human sacrifice, in two parts: 

Part One – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc02G1rht7g

Part Two – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMsIX53PeMA

Read about Hope, the young girl who was rescued from witchdoctors after being tied up on an altar and tortured for two years.  Now she is in the care of KCM and being rehabilitated and cared for.

Child sacrifice is real, and it must be brought to an end. No child should live in fear of being taken from the safe place of their home, and no child should be forced to go through what these victims face if they survive. Together, we can raise our voices and put our foot down and finally say, “enough”.  We can, and I truly believe WILL, see an end to child sacrifice in our lifetime, if only we take the time to speak up and seek the change.