About Me

There are a lot of voices fighting to be heard in the blogosphere.

Mine is actually not as eloquent as the others.
In fact, I could offer you a list of blogs I’d prefer you read instead of this one, because other writers have better words and opinions and thoughts to offer  you than I do.

Basically, I’m a twenty-something from North Carolina trying to figure out what to make of a life as a college dropout, professional third wheel, and short-term volunteer in Uganda, Africa.
I’d like to think I am able to offer you profound opinions on faith and draw deep lessons from the tough moments, but in reality I am much more likely to offer you a snarky outlook on something you’d find in a feature from People magazine.

But if that’s the kind of thing you dig, then we’ll probably get along.
I may not have a lot of things figured out, but at least we can be honest about that.